THE RACK / hair color organizer
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3 - Benefits



  • Colors are neatly stacked in their own compartments with no chance of falling one over the other.
  • No more half tubes of color piling up on the counter that will oxidize and will be thrown in the trash.
  • No more wasting time looking for that elusive open tube of color. You will find it on top of the stack, in its own place, to be used first instead of opening a new one.
  • The RACKS can be placed on any convenient surface side by side; They can be stacked one over the other to save counter space. When stacked they will lock together to prevent sliding off.The RACK keeps color in order and eliminates clutter and waste. Improves inventory control, time management, and productivity. THE RACK saves money.
  • No shelf or counter space?  As an additional convenience The RACK can be hung on a wall .
  • The RACK is made of a translucent (neutral) plastic specially treated to prevent staining. It will blend with any color décor. You will be proud to display them anywhere in the salon.

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 "The color studio " at Roberto of Italy Hair Designs in Naples Florida. 
 Intirely ctreated with "THE RACK" the only truly univerale, professinal
 hair color organizer. Do it right - Do it with 'THE RACK"